General Hospital Vall Hebron. Barcelona (several projects and works)

General Hospital Vall Hebron. Barcelona (several projects and works)

Refurbishment and extension

Renovation and Expansion Projects :

- Emergency

- Comprehensive reform of plants 2 to 10 hospital

- New breast cancer center

- Oncology Research Unit

- Oncology Day Hospital

- New nursing school

- Laboratories

- Dining room and cafeteria staff

- Outdoor pavilion for the new public cafe

- New sclerosis center

Reform of plants 2 to 10 hospitalization transforming rooms 4 and 6 beds in double rooms with bath , with their supporting elements . The final result from 56 beds to a total of 448 beds. The reform involved the use of new generation materials , which increase the wear resistance and improve overall comfort . Use of phenolic plywood ( HPL ) , stainless steel plate , large slabs of marble floors, ceilings sky metal wood siding used as counterpoints , etc.

New nursing school

Around a central patio is the newly equipped classrooms nursing school through a curvilinear corridor that minimizes the path, using bent wood veneer, which helps to warm up the whole.

Outdoor pavilion for the new hospital café

The new cafeteria as a sort of new plinth for the whole existing hospital and with is essentially horizontal character helps to sew the new access to the hospital.


Generalitat Catalunya CATSALUT




66.000 m²



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