Radiology Unit. Sant Joan de Deu Children's Hospital. Barcelona

©Lluís Casals

Radiology Unit. Sant Joan de Deu Children's Hospital. Barcelona

The refurbishment project for the radiology unit of the Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital takes astronomy and the universe as its motif. Public use areas (corridors, waiting and X-ray rooms) differ from private areas (offices) by being decorated with astronomy-related motifs screenprinted on walls covered with HPL (high pressure laminate). The area consists of nine medical exam rooms, each associated with a name of one of the planets in order to provide patients between 0 and 18 with some distraction and simultaneously promote better understanding during their stay. The corridors and general waiting room are decorated with constellations shining through the HPL panels with optical fibre. The main waiting room features user-friendly table games at a suitable height for children, making the wait a little more fun for them.
The skylights that connect with the courtyard immediately above are painted with different colours on the inside, so that the hallways shine in different colours depending on the brightness of the outside lights.


Sant Joan de Deu Children's Hospital


Beatriz Sánchez


Esplugues del Llobregat. Barcelona


860 m²



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